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NSNZ - Auckland's Premier Shrink Wrap Service

National Scaffolding NZ has sourced a premium shrink wrap product and combined with our planning and design skills, we can provide a weather-tight environment in which you can comfortably and safely work regardless of external conditions. National Scaffolding NZ can provide weather-proofing/shrink wrapping to match any unique configuration no matter the shape or size of your scaffold hire requirements

Our shrink wrapping will allow you to keep going in any conditions – Whether you’re building a home, carrying out renovations, making repairs on a leaky building, or working in any situation where you require a weather-proof environment within the Auckland area. National Scaffolding NZ provides and installs the highest quality shrink wrap which is weather-tight and long-lasting.

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Shrink Wrapping Hire Auckland

Shrink wrapping is now standard on many work sites throughout Auckland, however prices are far from standard! At National Scaffolding NZ we can keep our overheads lower resulting into much more competitive pricing for our clients. If your project requires shrink wrapping, ask National Scaffolding NZ for a free quote.

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