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Ringlock Scaffolding

Ringlock is NSNZ’s preferred choice of scaffold system. Available for hire this modular scaffold system has all-round versatility, an efficient building process, and stands out with its circular clip in “Ringlock’s”.

Ringlock’s versatile components provide ease of use and make it easily adaptable if the job needs to be reconfigured or extended based on the projects needs.

Ringlock is in a class of its own when it comes to;

  • Fast assembly
  • Unbeatable safety 
  • Reduced manual construction requirement
  • Consistent and reliable erection 

National Scaffolding prefers Ringlock as it doesn’t require the use of bolts and spanners reducing the chance of human error.

Ringlock’s ease of use means we use less man on the job meaning we can offer greater saving to our customers. Ringlock is the right choice for your next residential or commercial scaffolding project.  

Ringlock Scaffolding
Ringlock scaffolding auckland

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